Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Fun

We have been very busy this fall. Hayley got to go to her very first Clemson game last week. She really loved cheering on the Tigers, which won her several new friends in the seats surrounding us in the stadium. Hayley rode her bicycle in her preschool's Trike-A-Thon and raised money for St. Jude's. She raised the second highest amount of money out of her whole school! A fireman came to Hayley's preschool with his firetruck. She got to climb inside the truck and squirt the hose! Afterward, her class got to make firetruck cookies. We got to go to our church's Fall Festival. Hayley loved playing in the bouncy castle. She got her face painted (on both cheeks!), got a balloon flower, and walked in a cake walk. We took a trip to the Mall of Georgia last week to celebrate my 29th birthday. I can't believe I only have one year left in my 20s! Shouldn't I still be a teenager? Hayley and Andy both found something to buy, and I didn't find anything I wanted to buy. Oh well, maybe I can find something later to use my birthday money on.
Our fall is off to a very fun start, but we still have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to. Next week, we're going with Hayley's class to a Pumpkin Patch. Then, it will soon be time for Trick-or-Treating. Before we know it, we'll be cutting the turkey for Thanksgiving and the Christmas season will officially be here. I'm looking forward to the holiday season, but for now I just want to enjoy all the fun that fall has to offer.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hayley's First Day of 3K

Today was Hayley's first day of 3K at her new school, Central Presbyterian Preschool. She has been excited about starting school all summer long. She couldn't wait to get there! I was so proud of her for going straight to her classroom and not even caring that Mommy and Daddy were leaving. I can't wait to hear her tell me about the things she's learning throughout this year. I can't believe she's so grown-up!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We have had such a busy holiday weekend! We got things started off on Saturday morning at Lake Hartwell. Our friend's husband had just returned from basic training for the Army Reserves and she threw him a Welcome Home party at her parents' lake house. Hayley was not too in love with swimming in the lake, but she seemed to enjoy swimming with Kate much better than with Andy! Hayley did, however, let Andy take her for a ride on a jet ski, which she called a motorcycle.
That evening we went to Pendleton to see the fireworks with Ansley, Jarod, Lani, Dax, and Harper. This was the first time Hayley had ever seen fireworks and she actually seemed to like them and not be too afraid. I used to love going to that, but I hadn't been since I was in high school, so I enjoyed going back. Hayley called the fireworks "magic."
The next day, we got to go to a party at the Civic Center being held by Michelin. It had great food and all kinds of games for the kids, and everything was totally free! The best part was that our friends Nathan and Trisha were also there because Nathan works for Michelin also. It was great to get to hang out with great friends all weekend!
Now back to reality. Andy will be going back to work tomorrow and summer will be over before we know it. When fall gets here, though, we'll find a way to have fun then too!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


We just got back yesterday from our vacation. I feel so sad that it's over. You spend all winter looking forward to a trip to the beach, and then it's over so quickly. We had a good time going to one of our favorite places, Charleston, and then we had a mini-trip to Savannah, a place that neither Andy or I had ever been before. I'm already looking forward to next summer's vacation, but until then, I'm vowing to have a fun rest of the summer right here in Anderson.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Weekend

This has really been an awesome weekend! First of all, Andy's only off work every other weekend, so we always cherish the weekends he's at home. We kicked this weekend off Friday afternoon with a visit to AnMed to see our friends Ansley and Jarod's new baby girl, Harper. We've been hanging out with her for nine months, so it was great to finally meet her! We are so happy for the Allen family and know that Lani and Dax are going to be a great big sister and brother for Harper. Andy, Hayley, and I then ate at Anderson's newest restaurant, J Peters. It was super great and I'm glad we have a new place to go.
On Saturday, we went to Copper River in Seneca with our Sunday School class from Sierra Baptist Church. Our class is for parents, so we were all having a "Parents Night Out". It was super fun getting to hang out with everyone outside of church. Even the bus ride to and from was fun, due to our "wild man" driver, Eric! Our night out just goes to show that you can be a Christian and still have fun. We are so thankful that God has put these great friends and this great church into our lives.
The downside to the weekend, was that Friday afternoon our upstairs air conditioning stopped working. We couldn't get anyone to come and repair it and sleeping in an 85 degree bedroom is not pleasant. We just replaced our downstairs unit about a month ago, and the upstairs unit is only five years old, so we were less than eager to pay an expensive repair bill. Luckily for us, we were complaining about our situation on the church bus Saturday night and found out that one of our fellow class members is an electrician who can repair heating and air units. He graciously came out to our house Sunday afternoon and discovered that our unit only needed a certain new part that only cost $25. What a relief to have air again and not have to spend a ton of money to get it!
I'm sad to see the weekend end, especially since we have to wait two weeks to have another one (that includes Andy, at least!), but I'm already looking forward to our next weekend together because we will be on our summer vacation in Charleston!
Baby Harper Linley Allen

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Riverbanks Zoo

Last Friday, Andy and I took Hayley to Riverbanks Zoo for the first time. We all had a really good time seeing all of the animals and exhibits, but the most fun part of the trip was just getting to be together as a family. Andy and I have made it a point to do fun things with Hayley, so that she will always have a lot of positive memories of her childhood. It is my hope that when she is older, she will be able to say, "Remember when we ..." and then we can reminisce about some past adventure that our little family had. I can't wait to make our next memory!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm officially a blogger!

I never really thought about creating a blog, because I didn't think I had anything interesting to blog about. That still may be true, but I decided to start blogging anyway! I look forward to writing more blogs in the future and reading other people's blogs also.